Electric mountain bike fleet

70 Gitane E-kobalt

These bikes were operated as part of a tourist rental service and very well maintained. They have been carefully reconditioned and are in perfect condition. They have between 2500 and 3500 km. Year 2019. 

Available immediately.

VAE fleet

8 velodeville

These bikes were used as part of a tourist rental service and are of a very good level of finish. High-end brand Velodeville. 4500 km. Year 2019. 

Available immediately.

VAE fleet

50 Gitane Real E Bike


These bikes were operated for 5 to 7 years by a long-term rental service. Refurbished and in perfect working order. Available immediately.

VAE fleet

6 Gazelle Arroyo C7+

Used for tourist rental for 3 seasons, these very well maintained bikes have qualities that will allow them to cover all terrains. 6,000 km on average. Year 2020.

VAE fleet

6 BH Evo Street

Used for rental for 3 years, these BH bikes are good value for money. Around 4000Km on average. These bikes are perfect for exploring roads and trails. Year 2019. 

VAE fleet

4 Arcade Vitality vintage

These bikes, used for tourist rental, have between 2,500 and 3,000 km. Very well equipped, they have great features with Herrmans handles and a Royal Drifter Comfort saddle for a touch of elegance and comfort. Year 2021. 

VAE fleet

7 Bikes Arcade Brooklyn

These bikes are new and were dedicated to a tourist rental service, but have never been put into service.

VAE fleet

2 O2Feel ivog CITY BOOST 6.1 Bikes

These new bicycles were supposed to crisscross the streets of Bordeaux for tourist rental, but were ultimately never put into service. 

VAE fleet

2 O2Feel Iswan D8 Bikes

These bikes were intended to be used for home delivery services but were ultimately used very little. Mileage less than 100km. Year 2020. 

Fleet Muscle Bike - Children

48 Arcade Bikes for Kids

Available in 20 inches and 24 inches. These bikes had a first life as tourist rentals.

Muscle Bike Fleet

22 city bikes

Equipped with an excellent level of equipment, this fleet of bicycles which has been used until now for tourist use can still provide very good services! 

Muscle MTB fleet

100 Gitane Kobalt mountain bike

Coming from a tourist rental service, these mountain bikes are currently being carefully reconditioned in an integration workshop. Available spring 2023.

Muscle Bike Fleet

12 Arcade bicycles 1903

These bikes have been used for two seasons as part of a tourist rental service and are very well maintained.

Muscle Bike Fleet

10 Backstreet Arcade Bikes

These bikes have barely been used and were recovered from the city of Clermont-Ferrand. They are equipped with baskets and crutches. 

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